WoodUbend Lockdown sanity crafting guide 

WoodUbend Lockdown sanity crafting guide

For many of us, lockdown has only recently begun and cabin fever has not quite set in… YET!

If you are working from home, the best advice you will get is: Get changed. Dress as though you are going to work. This helps you to get into the working mindset, you wouldn’t go to work in your PJ’s would you?! Well, not unless you are taking ‘Casual Friday’ to a whole new level.

Another thing is to get into a routine, have your breakfast, lunch, and dinner the same time you would in a normal working week.

That being said, how do we distinguish the week from the weekend when you’re always at home, doing your routine?

With a crafting project, of course!

Lose yourself in your art, create something that screams louder than your own personal frustration with being in lock-down.
Here are a few projects we at WoodUbend have worked on and we think you should try them!

A WoodUbend Plant pot
SollyJo Created this WoodUbend plant pot during her first live on her own, and she did a fab job!

Plant Pots

Since summer is around the corner and the only excursion outside with your family will be to the garden, why not give yourselves something beautiful to look at, SollyJo pimped up some plant pots with Dixie Belle Paint and WoodUbend mouldings.


Red striped Desk
SollyJo upcycled this desk into a masterpiece with clean black and white stripes with the red and gold accent to really make it POP


Don’t tell me you’re happy with EVERY piece of furniture in your home. Surely there’s one thing in there you wouldn’t mind blinging up?



Do up a door crafting ideas
SollyJo’s door with WoodUbend and Dixie Belle

Do up a Door

A door is nothing other than a big, blank canvas staring you in the face asking to be transformed. Try out your blending technique, add a third dimension with WoodUbend, create a SOLID GOLD entrance with Posh Chalk Pigments.

The possibilities are endless.

SollyJo did all that and more with this old-world styled door using multiple textured techniques, blending and WoodUbend for the design.

Psstttt… Why not try these projects with some of our Posh Pigments, COMING SOON:

The sun is shining outside but you have to stay inside. So why not bring the shine to you with our BEDAZZLING Posh Pigments, these will brighten up any piece!



WoodUbend Candle Holder
SollyJo Wrapped some WoodUbend trim around a bottle to create this beautiful candle holder

Create a decorative candle holder

No restaurants? No problem, create your own romantic night in with a homemade candle holder and do some recycling too whilst you’re at it!

That empty Prosecco bottle you didn’t realise you had finished last night will do. WoodUbend are great for projects like this as they can stick to any surface, even glass! And they contour perfectly to the curve of the bottle.


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We hope you found this useful and helped you to stay sane (as sane as YOU can be) during your time in isolation, let us know what projects you’ll be working on during lockdown!


Happy bending!


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