Why You Should be Stencilling With Posh Chalk

Furniture flip and craft trends are cyclical. Take decoupage for instance, that particular trend was huge in the 90’s, then towards the early to mid 00’s it began to fall out of favour. Now, decoupage is back and better than ever! Just check out some of our popular decoupage designs. Stencils however, they have never really fallen out of fashion. Sure, the popularity has waxed and waned a little but stencilling has never really fallen out of popularity.

It’s not difficult to see why either; from wall stencils to smaller craft stencils, you’re more in control of the colour palette than you are with decoupage and you can change a pattern completely simply depending on what medium you use. In short, stencilling has a lot to offer and Posh Chalk Stencils have more to offer than most.

So, to coincide with the release of 23 new Posh Chalk Stencils, including four fabulously festive ones let’s take a look at why stencilling and Posh Chalk go hand in hand.

Durable Stencils Look After Your Money

We all like to feel that we are getting good value for money don’t we? What about affordable stencils which offer fantastic value for money? Well, look no further than Posh Chalk Stencils! They’re incredibly durable which means you can rewash and reuse these time and time again. I used stencils before which are pretty much one and done. That is to say I’ve used them once, washed them gently and when I’ve come to use them again they’re crumpled, they’re distorted…unusable. I’m sure that there’s more than a few of you who have been in that position before.

There’s none of that with the Posh Chalk stencils, these hardy stencils will stand up to more than a few washes meaning you can keep stencilling to your heart’s content.

How does one go about washing the Posh Chalk Stencils? I’m often posed this question, the answer is more simple than you’d think. All you need to wash your stencils is warm soapy water. The trick is to get it straight away, soak it as soon as you’ve finished. Then, leave it for a while and scrub it with a brush or a scourer. On the odd occasion you may find the simple yet effective method is, well, not effective. In this case, you can clean the stencil off with some white spirit, this should dislodge the toughest of stencilling stains.

Remember though, if you’ve been using a medium like Dixie Mud, don’t pour the run off down the sink. The Mud can harden again in your drain and cause a blockage! Remember to dispose of your dirty stencil water responsibly.

The durability doesn’t stop there though, we like our heat at WoodUbend! Our armoury of heat guns are always in use, from popping the Posh Chalk Pastes to warming and bending the WoodUbend mouldings. With that in mind, the Posh Chalk Stencils are designed to be heat resistant! Obviously everything has its limitations but the stencils will stand up to a few blasts from the heat gun without distorting – a very important factor when you consider the use our heat guns get.

A red and blue Pish Chalk Spider Mandala stencilling pattern on a green table

Raise Your Stencilling

Wall stencils, floor stencils, big ones, small ones – whatever your choice of stencil is, you’ll be able to find something which suits your needs in the Posh Chalk Ultra Durable Stencil line. Whatever stencil piques your creative interests, one thing remains the same; use them in conjunction with other Posh Chalk products to really elevate your creations. Yes, I know this is beginning to sound a little salesy, but it’s true! The Posh Chalk stencils are a wider part of the Posh Chalk family and the products really do play well together!

The stencils are 250μm thick, this makes them a little thicker that most stencils on the market. Aside from the durability, which we’ve discussed, this makes it far easier to create eye-catching raised stencilling designs. It really couldn’t be easier, grab yourself a squeegee and some Posh Chalk Pastes and get to work:

Apply the paste onto a dry stencil and push it through the pattern using a palette knife or, even better, the aforementioned squeegee (a silicone ‘brush’). A good tip is that you should just be about able to see the stencil design through the paste. Spread the paste out and try to avoid any lines on the dead spaces of the stencil – the bit which will be left behind when you remove the stencil. Once you’re happy, pry up one corner and simply peel back the stencil – et voila perfect raised stencilling.

If you’re looking to add some extra texture, simply heat the Posh Chalk Paste up whilst wet to pop it! Popping your pastes, raises them up to create a smooth eggshell like consistency.

black and white raised stencilling with the glow of a heat gun show as it is being 'popped'

Raised stencilling not your thing? Perhaps you’re looking for something a little more understated? Mix up some of the Posh Chalk Pigments and lightly stencil them onto your projects using a roller. What this gives you is a rustic feel to your stencilling, ideal from them vintage furniture flip projects. If you’re particularly daring, check out how to use Posh Chalk coatings and stencils on fabric!

Whichever way you cut it, Posh Chalk products really do work a treat with stencilling. Whether you’re into interior decor and looking for a wall stencil or you’re a furniture artist looking to add a bit of a flourish to your latest projects, you really could do a lot worse than dipping into your Posh Chalk collection!

Final staged shot of a wall decor projects - there is a blue and copper square framed with Woodubend and a maroon lamp in the foreground.

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