Wall Techniques Workshop Blog

Wall Techniques Workshop Blog

This week SollyJo hosted Wall Techniques Workshop to a small class of two.

A pretty intimate gig that allowed the students, a mother, daughter duo, a special one-to-one session with the artist herself. 

Two very contrasting tastes as the younger of the duo, Stacey, had an eye for bright colors and a lot of flash, her mother Dianna preferred the simpler things, subtle yet still shouting a very bold statement.

It started with a bench, two plain, wooden boards, some brushes, Dixie Belle paint, and a whole lotta WoodUbend!

The ladies were eager to learn, and despite her recent injury, Solly was willing to teach!

The class began with the wonderful WoodUbend, SollyJo demonstrated how to heat, bend and apply the unique appliques. This demonstration used heatguns to warm the mouldings starting the lesson off not so much with a BANG but more of a soft humm.

Once the mouldings were applied, it was time to add texture, using small palette knives and some Posh Chalk brand Gesso, the pair generously and sporadically smeared the the product around the board.

Once the texture was created it was time to get their paint on! With the various beautiful colours provided by Dixie Belle, the class was spoilt for choice.

Dianne stuck to her earthy browns, blues and greys, whilst daughter Stacey opted for a more colourful palette and created an orange purple based using Apricot and Florida Orange.

Sponging in the colours for additional texture, they could now move on to the stencilling, something a lot of beginners would struggle with but under SollyJo’s tutelage was completed with eaze. Both ladies went for similar swirl designs applied using Posh Chalks pastes.

After stencilling it was time to BLING up the WoodUbend! Adding a dash of Posh Chalk’s own brand gold pigment powder mixed with a top clear coat makes for the perfect metallic effect!

The girls couldn’t be happier with their final pieces!

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Happy bending!


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