Time for Reflection with The Mandala Mirror

I’m often asked whether you can use Posh Chalk paste on glass, but the question I should be asking is, why wouldn’t you use Posh Chalk paste on glass?

It’s quick, simple and the finished products are simply stunning.

Take a look at how using the WoodUMandala Stencil and Posh Chalk Shiny Gold Metallic Paste really set this mirror off!

Clean surfaces are a must, so make sure the glass is free from dirt and debris – especially fingerprints as the oil in them could cause bleeding in your project and ruin the look.

I’ve cut down a WoodUMandala Stencil into quarters so that it fits nicely in the corner without taking over the whole mirror; after all, I still want to use the mirror! Using a silicone brush I’ve gently applied the Posh Chalk Shiny Gold Metallic Paste just as you would with any other stencilling project, glass is no different – yet.

So, once I’d finished one corner it was time to pop it with the heat gun, a little care goes a long way here, the mirror was cold but I was conscious of heating the glass up too much and cracking it. This process may take a little longer than if you were stencilling onto a board as it’s best to heat your design up with the gun, then let the glass cool a little before heating the stencilling back up. It may take two or three rounds with the heat gun but it’s better than ruining all your hard work. This isn’t as important if you’re working on clear glass, such as a window, as it is the foil backing of the mirror reflecting the heat back.

The Shiny Gold Metallic Paste worked really win this design, as you get a brilliant ‘double decker’ effect from the colour reflecting in the mirror.


And remember, don’t get too overzealous with the heat gun, a lesson hard-learned as you can see with the small crack in the glass.

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SollyJo WoodUBend