French Chateau Nightstand with WoodUbend and La Magic Paint

I got a lot of love for this curvy little piece.


Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that bring you joy, and this was certainly one of them. I can’t wait to get this home and stand it next to the matching mirror and crescent table I have created with the same design.

This piece was initially to just give myself the opportunity to play around with my new La Magic Paint which was kindly sent to me by our Italian WoodUbend distributor. I wasn’t expecting the results to be so breath taking.


I drenched the nightstand with 4 of each WoodUbend codes 366 and 367 on the front of the piece. I wanted them to frame the centre perfectly for the blending I had planned so the mouldings all needed to join up. This meant that there was some overlapping on the drawers which is fine because when heated you can just slice right through the WoodUbend like butter.


I was sent the perfect colours for this piece and these natural chalk paints all blended perfectly with each other. The La Magic Paint colours I used were: Tortorelle, Clear Sand, Vintage Rose, and London Fumé.

The Clear Sand was the lightest of the colours, so I started with this in the centre blending downwards towards London Fumé, travelling round the edges with Tortorelle and eventually topping the piece with fabulous Vintage Rose.

Once I was happy with the blending, I played with La Magic Paint’s La Principessa! I have done many LIVE tutorials stencilling with the Pastes and the Pigments, but this was my first with a wax. I have waited too long to do this because the results where fabulous!


As the La Principessa is a solid gilding waxes, there was no risk of bleeding when I was stencilling. I applied it thicker to some areas and less to others to create a faded effect. I am very pleased with the results.

The waxing is not over! I then continued to highlight the WoodUbend in more gold before adding the Posh Chalk Black Patina to the crevices to dramatically lift the mouldings off the piece and really make them pop.

I love creating French Chateau inspired looks as there is so much room for creativity and a lot of opportunity to use my WoodUbend!


This will definitely not be my last of this type of style, I’m yet to complete a full furniture set of a French Chateau inspired collection!

Thanks for joining me today in our weekly blog. Tune in next week for more DIY creations and crafting.

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