Three Facts You Might Not Know About Posh Chalk Pastes

Posh Chalk Pastes, perfect for raised stencilling, water them down to create a wash, add them to your projects to create that alluring metallic sheen. If you’ve used them, you’ll know, if not – then it’s about time you did! There’s one or two little secrets about the Posh Chalk Pastes which you might not know, read on and find out a little more about these super shiny metallic pastes.

As a little aside, there are two types of the Posh Chalk Pastes, the Metallic Pastes and the Textured Pastes, throughout this little blog, we’ll just refer to the pastes as a whole – what rings true for the metallic rings true for the textured pastes. The main difference between the two is that the textured paste has real Swarovski Crystals in which add some real texture to your projects.

Posh Chalk Pastes are an all-in-one Product

Yep, take the hassle (and expenditure) out of creating with an all-in-one product. What this means is that you can apply the pastes straight onto wood with no prep, other than a little sanding and cleaning perhaps, what we’re getting at here is that there’s no need to use a primer.

Once you’re done, there’s no need to seal it afterwards. Obviously, there’s nothing stopping you from applying some wax to protect the wood and really bring out the colours – it’s just not a necessity. The pastes can even be used outside! Once they’ve cured, which will take a couple of days on a porous surface, you can take your creations outside, safe in the knowledge that your Posh Chalk Pastes will stand up to the elements.

Blue Prussian Posh Chalk Pastes stencilled in a floral pattern on the side of a drawer. The bare wood is visible underneath the pattern

Not Just For Furniture

When we say, not just for furniture, we mean not just for wood. Posh Chalk pastes are incredibly adaptable and you can use them on you about any surface you can think of. In fact, we’ve had good results stencilling the Posh Chalk pigments on the corner of a mirror. We used the WoodUmandala stencil, cut it up into quarters and stencilled over the glass on the mirror.

It should be worth noting though, if you’re going to proceed to pop your pastes when you’ve applied them to a mirror (read all about popping pastes here) be very careful. We learnt, the hard way, that the silver backing of a mirror is particularly effective at reflecting heat and can cause the mirror to crack – so proceed with caution.

Don’t let that dissuade you though, experiment with your pastes, you’ll find they work great on just about every surface, even fabric, so let your imagination run wild.

Texture, Texture and a bit more Texture

So, as we’ve discussed earlier the Posh Chalk Pastes can be split down into the Smooth Metallic Pastes and the Swarovski Crystal infused Textured Pastes, the texture doesn’t stop there though! For those of you looking to add another dimension to your projects then this little tip is for you…

Now, we’ve discussed before how if you heat the pastes with a heat gun or hairdryer (though this will take longer) then they will pop, that is to say, they will puff up into an eggshell consistency. Many people enjoy raising their raised stencilling game by popping the pastes. However, the fun doesn’t stop there.

Once the pastes are popped you can then proceed to squish the popped design back down. This will give a more rugged texture than a popped paste and really add to that design you’ve been working on. Next time you’re playing around with Posh Chalk Pastes, give it a go and see what you can come up with.

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