Plant Pot Makeover with WoodUbend Mouldings

Plant Pot Makeover with WoodUbend Mouldings.



I am a self-proclaimed bling girl. 


I absolutely love glitter, shiny objects, and everything posh and glam. 


But do not get me wrong guys. While I usually aim for opulent and elegant finishes for my projects, I do believe we all should be able to achieve them without having to invest a small fortune. 


My mind is always bowling with ideas for upcycling projects, renovations, and transformations. I cannot even begin to imagine what state my wallet would be in if all of my creative outlets come with a hefty price tag. 


That is why instead of purchasing new decor for my home, I search for any of my belongings that are looking outdated and boring and breathe more personality into them with WoodUbend Mouldings and a little bit of paint. 


Today I want to show you how I gave two sad-looking plant pots in my garden a quick, easy, and inexpensive facelift. The perfect trifecta! 


Clay plant pot makeover with WoodUbend


I kicked off my plant pot makeovers with a simple clay pot. We all have one of these pots at home. They are a crafting project screaming for our attention. 



Plant pot makeover with WoodUbend mouldings.


I first warmed up trim #32 and wrapped it around the top border,  letting the end of it dangle to one side. Then I added a mix of flower mouldings, because I could not decide which ones I loved the most. I used flower mouldings number 342, 322, 1479, and 465


Plant pot makeover with WoodUbend moulding.



To create the faux concrete finish I used a cotton ball and a wash painting technique. I used chalk paint from Dixie Belle, colours Dry Sage, Sand Bar, and Putty. 


Plant pot makeover with WoodUbend mouldings.


Look how perfectly our bendable trim hugs this round pot. Just add heat to any of our mouldings and they will adhere to any surface, in any shape. 

Plant pot makeover with WoodUbend mouldings.


For more detailed instructions on how to add WoodUbend mouldings to a clay plant pot check this video



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Creating a planter chair


Satisfied on how my first pot turned out, it was time to move to the next project, a planter chair.  


I enrolled Theo to help me with this whimsical creation. We took an old chair that was missing the seat but worked perfectly to hold our plant pot. 


Plant pot makeover with WoodUbend mouldings.


Every time we bring home a new plant, they come in these cheap plastic containers that are usually tossed away. But there is no reason to discard it if we can WoodUbend it. 


After cleaning the pot very well l added moulding #2092, and painted it in Dixie Belle’s Barn Red.  


Plant pot makeover with WoodUbend mouldings



We also gave the chair a makeover with paint and we top it off with this wonderful medallion,  WoodUbend moulding # 2082 


Plant pot makeover with WoodUbend mouldings.



Theo and I had a lot of fun with this project. Watch THIS REPLAY to join the fun and get specific details on all the products and techniques we used to pull off this amazing transformation.  



Plant pot makeover with WoodUbend mouldings.



If these projects are not about transforming something from cheap to chic I do not know what is. It is amazing how simple changes can make a big impact. Two plant pots that started as cheap understated decor and turned out so pretty I am toying with the idea to move them indoors so I can enjoy them no matter the season.


And speaking of seasons, do not fear if you plan to keep your upcycled plant pots outdoors. I have used WoodUbend mouldings on outdoor furniture and decor for over a year now and they are still going strong. 


There are no excuses to not enjoy the warmer weather folks. Whether outdoors giving your plant pots a needed makeover with WoodUbend mouldings, or indoors painting furniture to enter the Best Painted Furniture contest sponsored by WoodUbend. 


And as always, please share your WoodUbend Projects. I love seeing how your creative mind works! Please tag WoodUbend on Instagram or on Facebook @WoodUbend


Happy WoodUbend and Posh Chalking




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