Ingenious Autumn Craft Ideas

So today marks the first day of Autumn, in the Northern Hemisphere at least – for those of you from the Southern Hemisphere bookmark this blog and read it in six months! Alongside jumpers, crisp mornings and pumpkin spice lattes, Autumn offers us the opportunity to create some very interesting projects. Take a look at a few of our Autumn craft ideas to really fire up your Fall creations.


Pumpkin Spice Craft-te

A bit of a stretch as a pun, granted, but WoodUbend and Posh Chalk lend themselves so well to spicing up a pumpkin that you’ll have to forgive me. As Autumn craft ideas go, this is a fantastic little project which is easy to accomplish with only a handful of products.

First up, you’ll need a pumpkin (a squash would suffice but then the pun wouldn’t work), give it a wash and when it’s dried a coat of Dixie Belle’s BOSS wouldn’t be a bad idea. BOSS is not a necessity if you’re just using Posh Chalk products to paint the pumpkin as they wouldn’t require this. If you’re using a paint as a base coat, then it is advisable to open up a tub of BOSS.

I took my own advice last year and created a purple pumpkin using Violet Posh Chalk Paste, a selection of Posh Chalk Pigments and Patinas along with WoodUbend. I brought a few Autumn craft ideas to life last year, but this one was by far the most striking, take a look at how it came together.

Posh Purple Pumpkin.

Violet pumpkin staged with decorative mouldings

The fantastic thing about pimpin’ your pumpkin with WoodUbend is that once Autumn gives way to winter, you can reuse your decorative wood mouldings again! Simply heat them up and remove them from the pumpkin, for even less hassle, just dangle them from the stem. That’s the kind of Autumn craft ideas I can get behind!

The pumpkin party doesn’t stop there though! Why not incorporate some Posh Chalk Deluxe Decoupage into your designs? If you are going to deck out your pumpkin with decoupage, remember to paint it white first though – to make your colours pop, decoupage should always be placed on a light surface. White Titanium Posh Chalk Paste is perfect for this as you won’t need to prime your pumpkin first.

The more astute amongst you will note that Halloween falls in Autumn, Halloween and pumpkins go hand in hand don’t they? There’s plenty of Posh Chalk Pastes, Pigments and Patinas to pick from to create a Halloween themed pumpkin. This is one of the Autumn craft ideas which the kids can get involved in!


Preserve with Posh Chalk Pigments

Now if the pumpkin project intrigued you as a quick, simple yet effective craft project – then read on as these next lot of Autumn craft ideas can be completed whilst your hearty Autumnal stew simmers away.

As Autumn was traditionally the time for harvest, you’re going to want to start off with a little harvest of your own. Head out into the garden and pluck some leaves off of the trees, or scoop up some fallen ones off of the floor. Better yet, send the kids out to gather some leaves.

If they’re a little damp gently pat them dry or simply leave them on the side to dry. Once sufficiently dried it’s time to mix up some Posh Chalk Pigments! In terms of consistency, you’re going for that Goldilocks consistency, not too thick not too thin. Once mixed up, simply paint your leaves!

Again, this is another of the Autumn craft ideas which the kids can get involved with – and make a mess!

Now, it’s better to use greener leaves when painting them with pigments, they’re more flexible and won’t crumble. Whatsmore, once fully coated in the pigments, they will then be preserved for a few weeks!

The back side of a leaf half painted in Posh Chalk Pigments.


It’s also important to remember to paint both sides of the leaf. I fell foul of this last year, and found that the leaves curl up; to keep them crisp, fresh and shiny make sure both sides are fully coated in Posh Chalk Pigments.

A lot of the Pigments lend themselves to an Autumnal craft project, Copper, Orange Gold and Byzantine Gold to name a few. However, the great thing about the Pigments is that you can mix and match to create a whole new hue, Silver and Copper for example can make a lovely (and very Autumnal) rose gold shade.

It doesn’t have to stop there, notice how the Pigments really bring out the veins within the leaves. Once the Pigments have dried, you can really add that extra level of detail to them by dry brushing with a Patina or a different Posh Chalk Pigments colour – the choice is yours!

Do you have an apple tree in your garden – perhaps your neighbour does and you have a long net? In any case, when coated in Posh Chalk Pigments, apples really look astonishing! Like the pumpkin if you’re just coating them in Posh Chalk pigments, there’s no need to prime first, just go right ahead and paint on the apple!

Although this is one of my favourite Autumn craft ideas, there’s two things to keep in mind. Firstly, apples won’t last as long as the leaves or pumpkins when coated with this pigments and are certainly not edible! Secondly, we don’t condone stealing your neighbours apples.

So you’ve pimped your pumpkin and beautified the bounty of your garden, what next? Where do we go with it? Well, they make a fantastic centrepiece for when you invite your family around to chase off the chill of a brisk Autumn evening with good company and some warm apple cider!

A collection of autumn craft ideas including painted leaves and apples together in a bowl.

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