DIY Decoupaged Notice Board Upcycle with Posh Chalk Pigments, Raised Stencils, and WoodUbend

DIY Decoupaged Notice Board Upcycle with Posh Chalk Pigments, Raised Stencils, and WoodUbend Mouldings


Today I have a fun little DIY project for you involving raised stencilling, WoodUbend mouldings and decoupage! Let’s call it my all-in-one project that features my favourite products.

In this video tutorial, WoodUbend ambassador Sue Parsons shows you the steps to how she decorated a notice board.

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It’s a quick project, and so easy to do! If you’re a step-by-step follower, keep reading and I’ll walk you through exactly what Sue did to create this funky board.



How to Create a Decoupaged, Stencilled Notice Board

Step 1

Paint your piece with your preferred chalk style paints. Sue found this notice board at the charity shop on its last legs with broken hooks, which she removed. First, she painted a couple of layers of a bright orange. In the video she explains she’s tired of dreary English weather, so picked bright clashing, tropical colours.

PRO TIP: Sue recommends painting the background a light color underneath where the decoupage papers will go. This is because, regardless of the decoupage design, the colours will also show through best on top of light background instead of disappearing into a dark background.


Solly's Lace Stencil Posh Chalk Stencil

Step 2

Size and cut your rice papers to fit. Sue finger-pressed the papers to the edges and cut along the lines with a Stanley knife. You can use any type of scrapbook paper, rice paper, gift wrap, tissue paper or even paper napkins. Here Sue had scraps leftover from a flamingo design rice paper that she did not want to go to waste! She made three vertical strips with her papers.


Raining in Paris Stencil Posh Chalk Stencil

Step 3

Use a decoupage medium to glue the papers to your board. For this project, Sue used Dixie Belle Clear Coat in Gloss. She first painted a layer with a small brush, then positioned the paper on top. She followed with a top layer of the decoupage medium to seal and bond the papers. Finish with all strips. Let dry.


Raining in Paris Stencil Posh Chalk Stencil

Step 4

Time to decorate the flat surface! Sue picked our the new Posh Chalk Stencil design “Raining in Paris.” In an ideal world, she would have taped it down to secure it in place, but the project was very small and she decided to stencil it carefully by hand.

To completely clash with the orange and add a fabulous contrast, Sue picked the new Posh Chalk Metallic Smoot Paste in Yellow Canary Cadmium.

This new Posh Chalk collection of pastes comes in 14 colours and can be used in DIY projects in so many ways. It’s very easy to apply … let Sue show you how!



Raining in Paris Stencil Posh Chalk Stencil

Step 5

Here Sue wanted a raised stencil on the bottom surface of the notice board. She spread out the Metallic Paste on top of the stencil. For this application you can use a flat tool like a trowel or pallet knife.

PRO TIP: Do not “rework” the paste too much. You don’t need to mash it down into the stencil.

Raining in Paris Stencil Posh Chalk Stencil

Step 6

Carefully lift the stencil up. Voila! This stencil in particular is very intricate and fancy, but we’re not done yet.



Raining in Paris Stencil Posh Chalk Stencil

Step 7

Let’s raise the stencil a little more! Our Posh Chalk Smooth Metallic Pastes behave like thermographic inks. By simply adding heat, the paste will puff up and form an elevated design. Watch the YouTube tutorial to see this happen.

It’s magic!

DIY notice board upcycle

Raining in Paris Stencil Posh Chalk Stencil

Step 8

Paint the WoodUbend mouldings with your favorite Posh Chalk Pigment. Sue opted for the brand new Lemon Gold. (She almost picked the copper colour, but she was going for maximum contrast.)

To mix the Posh Chalk Pigments

The pigments should be mixed with a top coat sealer to achieve a metallic-look finish, or can be mixed with waxes, topcoats, and other media (water-based or oil-based) to achieve different effects. In this tutorial, Sue used Dixie Belle Clear Coat in Gloss. Always add the metallic pigment powder first. Then slowly add in the top coat so it doesn’t become too runny. You can always add a bit more top coat if it’s too thick. Mix thoroughly.

PRO TIP: If using the pigment for a stencil, make it a bit thicker so it handles with the stencil well.

You can paint WoodUbend mouldings before adhering them to any project. The pigment has a wonderful coverage and makes it easy to paint.


Lemon Gold Pigment Posh Chalk

Step 9

Adhere the WoodUbend mouldings. All you need is wood glue and heat. (A simple hair dryer will work!) Sue painted wood glue on the back of the mouldings, placed them in position, used firm pressure to push them into place, then used her heat gun to solidify the bond. The mouldings will adhere with the surface and won’t fall off, crack or shrink. Wipe away excess glue with a baby wipe or small brush. Watch the quick video to see this process in action. 

Diy notice board upcycle

Just look at that pigment shine. What do you think? What products are you excited to try?

Thanks for joining me today in our weekly blog. Tune in next week for more DIY creations and crafting.

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Happy WoodUbend and Posh Chalking,


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