A Brief Recap of The Brand New Posh Chalk Products

What a hectic few weeks it’s been, everybody at WoodUbend has been full steam ahead, working to get the highly anticipated new Posh Chalk products ready for all of you. With 14 shiny new pigments pastes and patinas and over thirty stencils, it may have all been a bit to take in. Don’t fret, you’ll have them all memorised in no time. There’s certainly going to be some spectacular projects coming up in the next few weeks, from us yes, but – more importantly – from you!

Oh, and if you missed the live, you can always catch the replay right here.

Posh Chalk Pigments

The showstopper. We were really excited to announce our new range of pigments in their bohemian colours. Mix it with our bespoke infusor – or indeed any top coat sealer, resin or even paint – and watch it hypnotically transform into liquid metal before your eyes. There’s striking colour combinations to be had as our new range come in Violet, Red Carmine, Red Magenta, Orange Gold and Green Fhthalo.
Posh Chalk Pigments

Posh Chalk Smooth Metallic Pastes

Strikingly vibrant, these weatherproof pastes are the perfect accompaniment to our exciting stencil range. The pastes by themselves are a great quality products, but with the careful introduction of a little heat, things really begin to get interesting. The pastes ‘pop’, that is to say they puff up to provide a textured three-dimensional finish. Remember though, pop it whilst it’s wet! Don’t let the paste dry out and then apply the heat.
There’s more avant-garde colours to be had from our new smooth metallic paste range, as they are available in Blue Prussian, Pearl Gold, Red Medium Cadmium and Violet.

Posh Chalk Smooth Metallic Pastes new releases


Posh Chalk Aqua Patinas

More environmentally friendly than our current oil-based range, this water-based offering is much gentler but no less effective. These patinas make it effortless to create corrosion or faux effects. Like our current range they can be  used to great effect as a gilding wax, to enhance or shade the finest of details.

A little goes a long way; the patinas offer fantastic value for money and the five new colours range from Blue Fhtalo, Primary Green, Red Medium Cadmium, Blue Prussian right through to a flamboyant Violet.
All Posh Chalk Aqua Patinas in a high angle staged shot


Posh Chalk Stencils

You’ve asked (a lot) and we’ve listen, our brand new range of stencils are here! We’ve spent months developing the perfect range of stencils for you guys. They’re 250 microns thick, so very durable and can be rewashed and reused time after time. They’re also heat resistant so you don’t have to worry too much about getting a bit feisty with the heat gun.

More importantly though, there’s over thirty designs including damask, mandala and lace. There really is something for everybody in this range, coupled with the other new products there’s going to be some seriously cool projects coming. Take a look at the video below to see what stencils we have on offer.


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