4 Ingenious Uses for WoodUbend Mouldings

If you’ve spent any time on our Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest pages you’ll have seen loads of examples of how WoodUbend mouldings enhance large scale furniture upcycling projects.  There’s so much scope with WoodUbend though, so much more than just artisanal furniture upcycling. Let’s delve in a take a look at four different ways to use your mouldings.

Mouldings with wall art

Is your living room a little bare? Is your wall missing something to tie your colour scheme together? Sure, you could head on over to IKEA (other stores are available!) and grab yourself a canvas print of a cityscape that you’ve seen in that coffee shop that time.


You could get creative with your mouldings and make something truly unique to take pride of place on your wall. Take a look at our gallery, we have some great examples of how you can combine WoodUbend with your canvassy creations. As an added bonus, Posh Chalk pastes and stencils are perfect for creating a head-turning piece of art.

It’s really not as difficult as you think either, we’re not talking renaissance art here, we’re talking about a cool talking point in your living room which you can tell people, “oh, yeah I made that”. Get your kids involved over the holidays, it’s a great project for an hour or so.

Wall art displayed with a WoodUbend moulding breaking up the two colours created with Posh Chalk Pigments

Stick them on glass

Wooden mouldings and glass aren’t two things which traditionally go hand in hand. Woodubend, however, has no issues with sticking to glass – provided you use a good quality wood glue. Fair warning though, if you’re using a heat gun to help your mouldings adhere (if you’re wondering why you’d need a heat gun, we wrote a blog post recently about how best to use WoodUbend)  be careful not to get too overzealous and crack the glass!

Once you start thinking about glass projects, it really opens up a whole new world of ideas, mirrors, mason jars, bottles – whatever you can think of! WoodUbend really will stick to just about any surface with a good wood glue.

Use your mouldings in the garden

Ok, it may be winter and most of us have turned our attention inside, but when Spring rolls back around again, consider WoodUbend for your garden projects.

Plant pots and WoodUbend go hand in hand!

Why shell out for your garden furniture when you could go cheap and elevate it with WoodUbend. Once you start, you won’t stop and your garden will be choc-full of little, quaint and unique garden decor projects that you made yourself! There’s even an extensive floral mouldings range for you to choose from and the trims are perfect for running around a plant pot.

Obviously, you wouldn’t have a bare moulding in the garden, you’d have to coat it with something. Luckily, our Posh Chalk coatings are designed to be weatherproof, but many people who have opted for the great outdoors have made doubly sure with a weatherproof sealant.


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Stick them on something alive!

Bear with us on this one, we don’t mean sticking mouldings on a snoring partner when they’re keeping you up at night – no matter how sorely tempting it may seem.

No, think more along the lines of pumpkins. Ok, once they’re picked, pumpkins aren’t technically alive –  we had to get your attention though didn’t we! Pumpkin art is on the up and WoodUbend Mouldings are great for heating and bending to the contours of pumpkins. The stems are great for hanging mouldings off as ‘pumpkin jewellery’ , in fact we wrote about decorative mouldings this last week.

The great thing about sticking mouldings to pumpkins is that once you’re done or the pumpkin has turned you can heat them up, remove the mouldings and reuse them!

Then again, you could always put them on something alive…

Mouldings on a pregnant woman's belly painted in metallic colours with the name Baby Wyatt.

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